December 9th, 16.00 ENG/ 11.00 EST Morua to speak at World Youth Democracy Forum

In order to connect remotely to the event, please follow the instructions below:

To remotely attend our talk from a computer, you'll want to go to, where you will be prompted to enter your name and email address.  If you have not used WebEx before, you will be asked to download a Cisco WebEx plug-in based on the browser that you're using.  After this has been successfully downloaded, press on Call Using Computer in the Quick Start tab. Verify that the correct Speaker output and Microphone input have been selected and hit ok. Once you have chosen this, you will be connected to our event. 
- You're encouraged to try this before Friday to ensure that you're able to run the plug-in on your computer. You will not be able to access the WebEx room early. You will know you are successful if the WebEx room loads asking to Notify the Host. If there are questions or difficulties, please address them to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- Using the camera icon next to your name on the top right-hand corner, you can turn your computer's camera on so the audience can see you.
- To ensure a great event, please be sure to put your computer on mute when you are not speaking.  You can still hear everything at the event; this will cut down on any feedback and background noise coming from remote locations.
If you are unable to use a computer to join us, feel free to call toll-free from the USA at 1-855-282-6330, Romania at 0800-895948 and from the UK at 0800-051-7051 (if you will be using a telephone from another location, please let me know).  The meeting number is 731 256 761, and when you're asked for an attendee ID, press #.

Ion Ratiu Democracy award

The purpose of the Ion Ratiu Democracy Award is to bring visibility and international recognition to the ideas and accomplishments of individuals around the world who are working on behalf of democracy.

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